Flypoll problem hashrate

Hi Guys. Im doing this because my rig is hashing at 380 sols and when i see my stadistics on the flypool website, right now (i used a calculator) with 380 sols im making 1 ZEC per month, thats 0,25 zec per week, the problem is i’m not receiving more than 1$ per day, and my rig must be making more than 2$, 2,30 to be exactly. What is the problem? Help. I’m losing money. In the page says i’m hashing at 37 H/s. Isn’t that 370 sols? Is this pool working? or its just me? :rage:

You are all over the place with this, different posting different categories you are asking for help but not giving one piece of any true information just pieces of this and that…

H = hash
S= solution
h/s = hash solution - They are roughly the same thing said two different ways
so 37 h/s does not equal 380 solutions it equals 37 hash / solutions

First off what mining software are you using, and version?
what gpu are you using?
how many gpu’s are you mining with
what driver are you using?
what operating system are you using.

and explain the problem like I have no idea who you are, like I have no idea what you rig looks like, and like I have no idea what you are trying to do.

Sorry, i am using a gtx 1060 3gb and i3 6100. Guess was a problem with the nicehash miner, because now i’m using EWBF miner and it is showing 300-310 sols for the gpu, that’s more real. 372.54 driver version, Win 10 x64.

Don’t know what’s the problem with the nicehashminer. running cpu plus gpu it is just doing 37 sols, wtf.

I like nicehashminer but man, 37 sols? really?

I can tell you right now that the 37 is just the cpu and only the cpu…so if you are using the nicehashminer from Here then the issue is that you are probably only running the cpu and not the cpu and gpu. Is that is the program you are using- Are there check marks beside both the cpu and gpu on the start screen?

do you have the gpu benchmarked and only the ones that are checked?

AND if EWBF is working for you, stay with it, you’ll make more zec

Im not working on the nicehash pools, im using nicehash miner and mining on flypool, and the problem is nicehashminer gpu plus cpu is just getting me 10% or below of my real hashing power, and i don’t know what or where is the problem. Idk what to do to solve it

this one?? if not post please post the link where you are getting the software from

Post the link where you are getting the software from…

edit-add on

I found the software and I see what you mean… it works for cpu just fine… but when you try to do GPU its like its using solvers from back from (November/December) 2016… I do get a slight speed increase and I see where its trying to use the 1080’s and the 6950x, but well… just the cpu

additional edit - LMAO… so YEAH… sometimes you just take the pretty box that says newest release for granted and just download it, I went back and looked and the release date is January 12 2017… So no wonder my first thought was this seemed to be solvers from (November/December) 2016…do not use this for GPU! its seems fine for CPU though

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