Renting Nicehash for Flypool Pool ZEC

Im having a issue using Nicehash rented hash for flypool zec.

Has anybody used this. on Nicehash side it says 100% returned invalid but on the flypool it shows valid.

what should i put as password “D=” or just x or anything?

anybody used nicehash rented for flypool?

-Release Nicehash nheqminer v. 0.3a · etherchain-org/nheqminer · GitHub
Start your miner using the following command. User your Zcash address as username (can be a t or z address)

nheqminer.exe -od 0 -l SERVER -u ADDRESS.WORKER


nheqminer.exe -od 0 -l -u <ZCASH_ADDRESS>.<RIG_1>

Is it profitable? If yes with witch coins?
I’ve followed their hash prices from may to june and never found an interessting rate.

I read on flypool:

Leave empty or enter your custom share difficulty (default difficulty is 2000)

Nicehash no longer accurately displays information when connecting to Flypool. This happened when they upgraded their website.

You’ll notice that while it’s showing 100% rejected at the pool, it is not actually being rejected. Your hashrate will go up but it will not show it for several minutes. If after about 15-20 minutes you don’t see a change on Flypool, I would cancel the order and try again.

There’s really no indication that the issue is explicitly Nicehash or Flypool’s fault. One of them is giving incorrect information and your best bet would be to contact each individually to see if maybe they can fix it. I have a sneaking suspicion that Flypool won’t care though.

nekkidtruth. so nicehash will show all red and thats ok. what about setting difficulty? do you need to change that?

Yes it works fine. You can change your difficulty if you feel the need but Flypool defaults to 8000 (not 2000 as someone mentioned earlier).

How to set payment threshold in settings if I rent hashpower from Nicehash? I don’t know the IP public of their machine. Or I just put public IP from my internet access?

Hi @agismaniax @nekkidtruth

Did you guys eventually come right with mining on Flypool using Nicehash hashing power?
So on Nicehash, it continually shows red on the graph and shows there is a note “100% rejects detected - please check if you have selected a proper algorithm for the targeted pool.”


Either Nicehash or Flypool needs to fix something on their end. It still shows 100% rejected but it does indeed work.

Thanks @nekkidtruth

But now, how long does flypool take to eventually read your actual speed that your are paying for on Nicehash?

Well Flypool updates roughly every 10-15 minutes.

Ok cool stuff, thank you, much appreciated, I’ll check it out. Do you still find it profitable with this glitch?

In terms of the password field, I’m meant to put difficulty, you have suggested 8000 on this thread is it still 8000 or it has changed? What is the difference if I use 8000 or the difficulty determined by the Nicehash pool verifier?

You don’t need to change the difficulty at all. I don’t believe Flypool even allows you that functionality.

As for profitability…well that’s an entirely different ball game. It can be, but it’s a game of cat and mouse and you’re going to spend more than you accumulate for the first little while until you get into the groove of how it all works.

I got you. Any pointers in the right direction perhaps?

I’ll be honest, I’m still trying to figure it all out. I will say this, don’t bother with piddly orders. You’re going to have to spend a good chunk to get a good chunk back. You’re also going to want to make sure you have enough to get your through the first 1000 or so rounds so you’re getting maximum returns from Flypool.

Your average hashrate is your biggest concern. Keep it up to where you want it and you should be ok. Fixed Orders can be more expensive but they give you the convenience of not having to play around with moving up and down the chain of others on the Standard Order list. That being said, the Standard Order allows you to change the price your offering and your hashrate on the fly.

Thank you @nekkidtruth

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