Newb question: Which sols/s is correct -- the one that appears on my log, or the one that appears on my pool's website dashboard?

I’m using the Nicehash pool and it always has ~40+ sols/s more than what shows up on my command line log. Just wondering which one is more accurate/matters more.

Well as far i know the one you get from the cmd screen is your “real” hashrate.

The pool doesnt really know what is your hashrate, it just calculate that using the number of valid shares in a period of time.

My real hashrate is 320 sol/s on every card for zcash, but on flypool i look at current hahsrate and sometimes i get over 400 for each card, which is insane. But my average 24h hashrate is almost the same as mi “real” hashrate i get from the miner.

Hope this help you a little more, i am not an expert on pools but i had the same question in the past and looked for some info as well.

Take care.

Thank you for the quick reply! Well, that’s too bad, then. Was hoping my 1080 was actually getting ~420 S/s, but I guess it’s actually closer to 380-390 :(. Any tips on how to improve this? I’m running the Nicehash miner (the one that pays out in BTC) on Ubuntu…

Well i recommend mining directly to zcash, the profit you get from nicehash is a little bit less after their mining/exchanges fees.

Also 420 s/s for a gtx 1080 is really low, you should be getting 500+ .

This can give you an idea of what you should be getting.

Btw i recommend using EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner, it works great.

You can always trade zcash for btc or any other cryptcurrency on poloniex, so maybe after the exchange you will still be winining more than mining through nicehash.

Also these days zcash is winning a lot of value against btc, so you may start mining directly for zcash, just and advice.

Take care and good luck.