Flypool immature balance

hello everyone, just a quick clarification. I am having problems with my immature balance in flypool, they indicated that it will all be moved every 4-5 hours but mine never gets emptied. some go to the unpaid balance, and some gets stuck on the immature balance. is this normal? I am experiencing delays for pay out because hours of reward aren’t credited. Their support aren’t responding too!

If you continue to mine than it is more than normal having always immature balance, your earnings are “immature” till X number of confirmations have been made.
Once X number of confirmations that part of immature balance goes in your unpaid balance. Once you reach your payout limit from the unpaid balance you will get credited in a little while (5-10-30 mins).

How long ago have you written them? Their support is really effective, and they always gave me an anwser under 24 hours.

wow you’re lucky. i’ve sent a ticket 3days ago until now there’s no response. idk why

is it? the previous months it wasn’t. even when reaching the payment threshold there still 0.008 stuck. it remains like that every now and then, previously after confirmations it goes to zero and goes all to my unpaid.

johnwisdom answered your question very thoroughly and accurately.

Yes, in the previous months it was doing exactly how it is now. If you are mining you will ALWAYS have an immature balance. Want to test it?
Stop mining for 12 hours, and your immature balance will go to 0.00000

ohh i see thank you, but it will only go to unpaid balance if you no longer mine? no more options and the like? thanks for your time.