Mining ZCash on Flypool with gtx 1060 at 1700 sol/s but earning stop increase for hours

Hi everyone,
I started mining 10 hours ago on Flypool, first hours the immature balance increase constantly, but after that the balance stopped increasing (it was around 0.01117 zec). Even sometimes it decreased a bit, then increased a bit but it fluctuated around the last balace 0.011. I dont know what happened.

Immature funds eventually mature (or get confirmed). They would then be moved over to “Unpaid Balance”. Is your Unpaid Balance 0?

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Thanks for your reply.
Unpaid balance is not zero but the total of those two balances is not much as what I expected at that hashrate. Or new miners need to pay some fee to the pool at very early hours?

The immature balance doesn’t really give you much to gauge. It’s unconfirmed ZEC. If 3 blocks are found in an hour, it’ll show more than if there was 1 block in an hour. And vice versa.

It also eventually gets confirmed and moves so that number will always be going up and down.

If you’re looking for statistics, you’re better off looking at the Payouts/Rounds tab instead. Keep in mind you’ve only been on the pool for 10 hours so all of the information is going to fluctuate quite a bit until your averages start coming through.

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Oh I understand it now. Thank you so much for your clear explanation.

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So until now, my machine has been mining for 24 hours but the immature balance is 0.0089, the unpaid balance is 0.00474. I dont mean the total of those two balances. But I am wondering that it could not be far diffrent from my calculation like that.
My machine mines constantly at around 1680 sol/s.
Do I need to check anything or I should wait more to see how it will go tomorrow?
Thanks a lot

I think you may need to fill in some blanks here as what you’re saying and what you’re seeing aren’t making sense.

  1. What hardware are you using? (You only mentioned a single GTX 1060 but are quoting 1700 Sol/s. I’m assuming you have multiple GPU’s?)
  2. Have you received any payouts?
  3. What do you have your payout amount set to? (0.01, 0.001 etc)

Oh my God, thank you so much. As your third question 3.; I have just checked my wallet on poloniex and the pool has pushed more than 0.05 zec into the wallet. Now it is solved. Thank you once again.

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Zotac GTX 1060 AMP 3GB memory Hynix