"Immature balance" disappeared @ flypool

Hello! Can someone tell me where my “immature balance” of zcash @ flypool could have gone?

I mine @ flypool and there are 2 cathegories for my mined zcash: immature and unpaid. The “immature” turns into “unpaid” upon 110 confirmations. Recently, I had about 0,001 Zcash disappear from my “immature” balance and never appear at “unpaid”.

Can someone tell me - is it some kind of fraud from pool or do I iunderstand something incorrectly?

i’m mining at flypool without any issues…can’t explain were your mined zcash went to.

if you have your payout set to lower than flypool’s minimal threshold then they charged you a fee of .001

could that be it?

You’re immature balance is what you mine after X amount of confirmations it will be moved to unpaid balance until your payment threshold is hit once its hit the payment from unpaid balance should be transferred to your wallet… If your payout settings are set too low you could be being charged a fee from the pool which is why you don’t see any profits… my settings are payouts every 0.01 zec which i usually am paid out every 2 hours… hope this helps you…

Thank you, guys, for rapid response! I also think that it’s some kind of my own mistake in observing the funds. Will watch more and report back if ever notice the same thing


У меня вообще вчера 24 декабря исчезла статистика скорости вроде вообще нет, с flypoo начислений нет Вчера вообще на невыплаченом балансе сумма не увеличивалась а уменьшалась , ферма работает… Может что с пулом случилось?