Flypool Innacurate Hashrates?

Hi guys,
I use flypool to mine zcash and get around 760 total sols/s on EWBF’s miner. However, often when I check stats on flypool, the current hashrate is in the 600s. Is this normal?
Thanks in advance.

It’s normal as long as the average effective hashrate (over 24hrs) is around what the miner reports. This only applies if you mine 24/7, however.

Okay, so is it okay if my average hashrate is 720 h/s and the miner really is mining at an average of 760?

im too lazy to open another thread so i will ask here, is it normal to have hashrate dropped after changing setting?? i set the hashrate to be higher, but in the flypool it will stay lower for about an hour or so before it increases

More than, why does hashrate pump and dump all the time? HR in EWBF are stable +/- 20 Sol/s. So, why? Why… does hashrate is so volatile in Flypool’s statistic? Does it mean some problems with… miner or smt else?

I have the same problem.

You have to take many things into consideration. Latency, dev fee mining, how many shares are sent over a period of time. Your hashrate is going to change. It isn’t consistent. That’s why an average exists. Those stats are also not real time, that’s why you don’t notice an immediate boost or drop in hashrate. It’s usually a few to several minutes behind.

Edit: Here’s a good post regarding how it works…


Thank you @nekkidtruth for explanation and link.