Flypool avg effective hashrate

I apologize if this has been asked already but;
EWBF consistently reports an avg of 4220 sol/s but the avg effective hashrate on flypool says 4.1kH/s…
Is this to be expected/normal? Is the avg effective hashrate taking into the luck of the amount of shares I’m receiving and that’s why it’s lower than EWBF’s avg?
Thank you

Remember that Flypool takes 1% and EWBF takes 2%. So the average, as I understand it, is the 97% that you are able to keep.



Any alternative miner for zec that no fee like ewbf?

in your EWBF bat file, add --fee 0.1 and now EWBF takes 0.1% fee

Are that command still works for the new ewbf?

yes, with 0.3.3b and 0.3.4b (last) EWBF version

Okay I will try it… Thx guys

Its works brother!! Thx alot…

youuu guys shouldn’t get any miner software! just sayin…

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I don’t see a fee. All I see is this (–pass x). So what does --pass x mean?


you must manually add --fee 0.1 in your .bat

PS: EWBF's CUDA Zcash miner

is this new or has always been around? Do you get same performance as 2% fee?

Same problem here guys i rig mining with 1950-1970 sol/s my avg hashrate was 1.8kh/s most of the time i added this command -fee 0.1 into bat file yasterday my avg hashrate up to 1.91 but now its going down i dont know why now it 1.86-1.87

nice to see that the hashrate is dropping after fee changing :+1:

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I will happily pay the fee. If you cannot even figure out why your hash rate is different, you aren’t that skilled with mining solutions. Therefore, it is fair to pay someone who provides a product that makes it possible for you to mine with relative simplicity. If devs don’t get paid, they may not want to provide the product.

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You know that fee gets you all this awesome support and development, right? I understand profit margin but seriously its 2%, just think of it as 1.99% thats not bad at all

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I pay without issue. Those who make software tools like this should be paid.

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