Unstable Flypool Hashrate...!?

Sup guys
now i`m using EWBF miner on Flypool
My rig gives me 1915-1950 Sol/s
But my hashrate on flypool keep going up and down all the time never be stable on one level

as you can see in this photo it`s normal or what .!

mining with 1950 Sols and my Avergae hashrate never reach this lvl


It won’t ever be one stable number. That’s why there is an average hashrate. It’s working exactly as it should be :slight_smile:

yeah but my Average run around 1800-1850 Max and i`m mining with 1950 sols/s that good or what bro .!

one more Request could you give me EWBF Command that should show to me GPU power and efficiency
like this photo

Just add --pec to your bat file or command line.

Your hashrate fluctuates based on how many shares in a specific number of time. It is constantly changing and is also dependent on how many shares you provide on a particular job. That’s why there is an overall average along side your hashrate.

It’s OK. You can check other pools and find out, that HR differs.

  1. HR of your rig fluctuates;
  2. your HR is being sent through the network, so loses are common thing

Mining pool hub is super inaccurate - rig’s hr is about 2170, but statistic on web site jumps up to 2300 and down to 1600 :slight_smile:

Thx guys

@VanijaDev yeah that`s happen with my i got over 2200 multi times and also down too 1600 Same smile as yours :slight_smile:

you’ll find that when your hashrate is above 18k the line stabilizes A LOT

which card you using Yerr0r…

Well flying pool takes 1% while EFBW takes 2% of your hash rate. 1900*0.97=1840. Is your average around that? Also, the hashrate of each of my GPU oscillates. I assume it’s the same for you.

i`m using
2x 1080 ti msi duke
1x 1080 aorus