Flypool Low shares

Hi Everyone,\

So I have around 600 H/s and I am only getting 30 shares but I know I should be able to get more shares out of my system. If someone can get around 60 shares with just 200 H/s then I should be able to get way more than a mere 30. Is there something I am doing wrong? I am mining with a GTX 1080 and an i7 6700k CPU.
Thanks :slight_smile:

what mining software did you use?

check your network and don't use WIFI or something wireless network, just use cable making sure your network is healthy

I checked all my cables and they are fine. I am using an Ethernet cord instead of WIFI as well. For my GPU, I am using EWBF's CUDA Zcash miner 0.3.3b on a windows computer.

shares dont really matter, if you look at the Hash rates their nearly on point so thats good. I can get a million shares with 200H/s and a difficulty of 1, doesnt mean they will pay off more.

on smallest grid i have i get 10417 shares on a 36413 sol/s so thats not even near your counts, but you must account for difficulty as well ... perhaps you get high difficulty shares which you get less amount, but worth more

Flypool has a standard, static diff of 2000, so unless the OP uses a higher diff, given to the pool using the "password" parameter, that wouldn't account for his share count. Rejected shares would.

I haven't changed any difficulty on my end. I just thought that my miner or the software was limiting my payment. I would have thought that I would get more than 0.05 ZEC per day with 600 H/s. Maybe I am wrong but I thought I would get around 0.1 ZEC a day.

@Blue .05 ZEC per day is about average for 600 Sols/s check out the calculator at it is usually pretty accurate