AMD RX 580 performance help

So I just started Mining yesterday and I don’t know if the results I got are any good? So I’m using an all AMD pc with a Ryzen 7 CPU and a AMD RX580 GPU.
For mining ZEC for 2 hours I was getting 50 shares for my first hour and around 40 shares on my second hour. I checked my wallet and it said I have 0.00018 ZEC in their. Am I doing anything wrong or is that normally the rate I should be getting? It seems like every one or two min I get a share.

Here are a couple links for you
The first one is the commonly asked questions

This one is a link to what to mine that is preset for esitmated results from an AMD 580

Thanks for that. I am still abit confused about what is what to be honest with you. But in your opinion does my results sound normal to get? It normally finds a share once every 1/2 min and about 50 shares an hour?

According to whattomime you would make 0.0042 ZEC a day and asuming you set you minimum payout to 0.001 you should be getting 4 payouts a day but dont do that. Fee will eat your shares unfairly. I would put it to 0.03 so you get pay every week. But that is just me. Also dont mine to an exchange.

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mine is going at about 300 H/s on slushpool

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Both of you are a huge help thank you! Currently using flypool with 290H/s I’m glad it’s not too off what people get considering I didn’t fiddle around with the settings of my GPU except put the fan speed up when I mine