Flypool payouts not recieving / Bitfinex deposit problems

Hello, does anyone have problems with flypool payouts? I have mine directly on my wallet at bitfinex for weeks and never had any problems. Since yesterday, however, the payouts are no longer displayed under deposit.


I hope someone knows what’s going on there.

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On the same boat. Opened a ticket with bitfinex but no response yet…

Same here! Glad I’m not the only one.

its because one of the transactions is listed as spent… Had the same issue with a bitcoin transaction took days before it actually showed up for me…

It seems to be a problem with Bitfinex.

Yesterday the site was also often not reachable. I have already opened a support ticket and am waiting for an answer.

first and foremost, and they tell you when you sign up… DO NOT mine directly to the exchange, they are not your mining wallet. That can and will suspend your account.

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For a new guy what does this mean?