Question from a noob

I am new to mining and I have started to mine Zcash on Flypool with nheqminer. And although i do have a Jaxx zcash wallet with proper address and I have c/p that address into the script, I do not see any progress when i open my dashboard?
Can someone pls explain me what am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


First thing that jumps out at me is that you say you are using flypool but your miner is set to nanopool. Are you sure you’re checking the right site’s dashboard?

Also, unless they changed it, do not use jaxx for mining. Last I knew, they even had warnings in the wallet that specifically warned against it.

miner.exe --server --user <wallet_address>. --pass x --port

change to right server, wallet, worker and port in the above sample.

tried with that?

Guys thanks a lot, now i got it all up and runing :slight_smile: but only one more thing i got to ask. Why not Jaxx? do u have any better suggestion?

Thanks for the info… and tell me pls why not jaxx? any better wallet u can suggest?

ye all good now, tnx :slight_smile:

Can anyb. simple explain me how system block time optimalisation works ? now see on network hash rate 211MH/s and difficulty stil about 4M ??? morning was hash rate 240M and diff 3.4M ??? its there some delay ? I do not want create new topics, i am noob in mining too :slight_smile:

No offense but I think you should actually do create a new topic, as your question is completely unrelated to this thread.
That way you’d have a much better chance of somebody answering it.