Found Voltage/Frequency Curve Editor, substantial power reduction

Just wanted to see if anyone else has been playing with MSI Afterburner Voltage/Frequency editor settings.

I’ve got 13 x GTX 1070 cards, mostly EVGA models with 2 MSI and 1 Gigabyte model. The MSI/Gigabyte models were confusing me how they would pull >50W more power than the EVGA models no matter how I adjusted all settings. Tried reducing core and memory frequency, power limit, temp limit, etc. Nothing changed it. Also the MSI models would draw 1050mV pretty much no matter what. This made me search for how to reduce voltage specifically, and I ran across the Voltage/Frequency Curve editor.

Was able to reduce voltage to <950mV for the MSI and Gigabyte models, bringing power usage in line with EVGA models. Now I want to spend more time optimizing all cards using this editor.

Is anyone else playing with voltages like this to reduce power draw? There appears to be zero impact to hashrates so far and they haven’t gotten unstable yet. Voltage appears to have the most correlation to power usage by far. I feel kinda stupid for not exploring this until now.