Changing from amd to nvidia

hi guys,

i have a question. i am thinking on changing from amd to nvidia.
i currently have 3 470’s and 1 480, but it’s hard to find more to fill up my rig for a decent price. people ask and pay gold nowadays for the 470 and the 48o, so i might consider selling them, and buying 1070 for it in return. i’m considering the 1070, because it can mine both zcash and eth well.

furthermore i also still have 2 7970’s and 2 280x, i think i keep these ones though, because there is not a lot of value in them second handed, and they still mine some decent amount.

ok, back to my question, changing to nvidia. i see people talking about increasing the gpu and mem clock, from what i can see people do that with msi afterburner or any other clone from that software. is it also possible to do it in a config file of the miner like with claymore for amd mining?

with regard to undervolting, how do you undervolt on nvidia, can this only be done in msi afterburner or are there other ways to to this?

can all 1070 brands be undervolted? can the msi 1070 gaming x 8gb or the msi 1070 gaming z 8gb be undervolted for instance?

what would be the best 1070 card of your choice, and why would you choose that one?

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one more question…

can you also flash the bios on 1070 (or any nvidia) cards?