13 x GTX 1070 results

So I’ve now pretty much dialed in my two rigs to mine Zcash. My 7x rig now pulls 3200-3300 Sol/s and my 6x rig pulls 2700-2800 Sol/s. Total pull is then 5900-6100 Sol/s (454-469 Sol/s each card). I’ve mostly got EVGA cards, with 2 MSI and 1 Gigabyte. I’ll post pics of hashrate and the rigs to back my claims. Made a custom fan curve with MSI Afterburner, my new favorite OC program to keep temps 65-66C.

I also noticed that regardless of card and core clock from the factory, they all get unstable at very similar absolute core and memory speeds.

What numbers are others getting on Zcash with 1070s? Any other tips anyone wants to share on a setup like this?

Getting about 500 Sols/sec using MSI Afterburner on each of my 6 Zotac Gtx 1070 amp extreme gpus. Total of 3000 sols/sec. running about +75 MHz core clock, and +600 MHz memory clock. Temps are mid 50s celcius except for two cards directly above my CPU fan. Those are running low to mid 60s. No over voltage. Using EWBF Cuda miner. Except for the exchange wallet issues right now, and the recent drop in ZEC prices, everything is running pretty smooth.

Hmmm, using +100/+650 on all my EVGAs I’m never more than 480 Sol/s. The MSI and Gigabyte cards all crash the system at much lower OC. What’s your power/temp limits and what fan speeds are you using if you don’t mind me asking.

Also, totally separate topic, but what’s the opinions on luckpool for Hush mining?

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I am seeing about 455 sols/sec at 82% power, +150 core and +300 memory and 125 watts. I am running anything that was in stock when I was buying! Most of my cards are EVGA 1070 Hybrids.

how much Watt you are drawing with these two ?

That is quite true. I own pair of Nvidia 1060 from different companies - Zotac and Inno3D and they both crash at same core / memory speeds as well (anything more than 242 clock speed will crash them).

Isn’t the processor/memory the same for all of the cards? The only real difference is just potentially the board layout, cooling setup and possibly a small overclock guarantee. Right? Oh and possibly the display connections.

That’s what I’ve seen. Differences are brand of memory, higher/lower quality chips (manufacturing defects), cooling configuration, and display outputs. All minor differences. Also factory OC doesn’t seem to play a role when you can OC with the software tools we have. They all end up crashing at more or less the same numbers.

I can confirm this…6 identical cards in my rig and most are performing about the same. Core clock has also very little benefit, with memory clock having a far greater effect. I am drawing about 78% power on average. I’ve tried over volting, but only able to squeeze maybe 1-2% more out of these cards, but then they are less stable and tend to crash, so I backed them down just a bit.

I have 6 EVGA 1070 FTW.

Temp: GPU0: 65C GPU1: 71C GPU2: 74C GPU3: 68C GPU4: 63C GPU5: 54C
GPU0: 455 Sol/s GPU1: 456 Sol/s GPU2: 452 Sol/s GPU3: 461 Sol/s GPU4: 455 Sol/s GPU5: 465 Sol/s
Total speed: 2744 Sol/s
| GPU | Power usage | Efficiency |
| 0 | 126W | 3.61 Sol/W |
| 1 | 124W | 3.68 Sol/W |
| 2 | 126W | 3.59 Sol/W |
| 3 | 126W | 3.66 Sol/W |
| 4 | 125W | 3.64 Sol/W |
| 5 | 127W | 3.66 Sol/W |

Sometimes I see as high as 3.9 - 4.x efficiency.

This is with +76 +850 125w PL

Hello sir! How are your zotac gtx 1070 still doing?

Still going strong… about 3000 Sols/Sec on average. These are the Amp! Extreme versions.

You can see OC settings in MSI above the terminal window… I have not tweaked for max power efficiency… only for max hash value. Hope this helps!

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Cool setup! And thanks for the settings info… mine are close, but I noticed you increased the Core Voltage? I left mine at 0…
power limit 100
temp limit 90
core clock 145
mem clock 650
fan speed I left at auto (probably not the best settings,… but I’ll try yours now and see what I get)

Btw,. I have 4 1070’s power 149w effic 3.21 sol/W 478 Sol/s (average) temp around 70 c
Total 1892 Sol/s with ewbf

if you leave that temp limit at 90 your gpu’s aren’t going to last very long

Also I left mine on Celcius,. your’s is Fahrenheit…

Hey CitricAcid… Thanks Is that Celcius? Afterburner defaults are in Celcius. I just lowered mine to 85c just in case.
btw… I just edited the Afterburner ‘core voltage’ … and it didn’t do anything… so now I’m keeping it at 0 for now.

IMO the temp set at anything above 75c and you are asking for issues, quickly. Other opinion would have you put it at 71c or 69c.
anything above 79c is considered the red zone, 70-79 yellow, 69 and below green

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Hey… just to clarify,. you do mean the AB window, and not the EWBF window,. because my EWBF windows shows 69C

thanks for your help… I obviously don’t want dead cards. :slight_smile: