Free zcash

Can you please tell me how can I earn zcash?


Hi @Firefox you can buy Zcash on an exchange, mine Zcash with and ASIC miner, and there are also websites like that send out newsletters with small amounts of Zcash.

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Howdy Firefox. You can also check this out to learn about Zcash & earn some ZEC

Hi @Firefox, One of the best ways to earn zec is by accepting it as payment for types of work you can already do. For example, I offer remote office support services & accept zec. There are many individuals & companies listed on who accept zec in addition to traditional forms of payment. Maybe you already have something that would be a good fit & just need to integrate zec payments?

The z2z newsletter associated with mentioned above is on indefinite hold (just the news project portion, the site is fully functional), but there might be other opportunities for little faucets in the future.