Making Zcash More Prolific

There have been a few threads about trying to control the price of Zcash (aka by not trading for other currencies). From my understanding, if we want Zcash to become more prolific, we should promote the use of zcash. If a lot of people want to use zcash, and there are payment systems in place to make it easy for anyone to use it, won’t that increase the value of the currency? It seems to me that the only place to spend zcash is to trade for bitcoin or other currencies. If some products were available only in zcash, that would help stabilize the price and possibly make zcash more sought after.

Am I on the right page? And if I had a product I wanted to sell, only for zcash, how would I go about setting that up (aka how do I accept a zcash payment for a good or service)?

If I’m not understanding the economics here, please help me out. I’m new to cryptocurrency in general and I’m still learning a lot.



yes you are right but there is no stable form of establishments that accepts zcash but only bitcoins

So if I had a product, how do I accept zcash as payment for that product?

as of the moment you need both yourself and the buyer to be using either the barebones cli environment (zcashd alongside zcash-cli), the swing gui wallet, or the jaxx web wallet for transactions.

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Okay, so basically I would have the buyer contact me, I’d give him either my t-address or my z-address, and he would send me the zcash. Once the transaction has been confirmed by a couple of blocks, I could ship out the product to him. Right?

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It’s still a good idea to wait for a certain number of confirmations but, once your customer makes the transaction, those ZEC are yours - just like any other blockchain.

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Maybe it’s time to create a decentralized market using zcash… with some kind of blockchain product verification system. Eliminating fraud. This will be beautiful.

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you’ve got it.
adding to what @Voluntary has stated, its best to follow the six confirmations rule taken from bitcoin for transition assurance

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I think it’d be easier to sell stuff if there was a “for sale” category. I have some Raspberry Pi cases that I made awhile back but never got around to selling. They are for Raspberry Pi Model B+ ONLY. I’d be willing to unload those for ZEC at very low price. I have them in blue and black.

a starting point might be to contact some of the retailers on this list (maybe big ones such as newegg) and encourage them to accept the coin on the basis that it is bitcoin 2.0 and “better”. realistically it may take 2+ years or so for zcash to pick up steam, but who knows…

Growing the Zcash ecosystem is why I’m working (independently!) on getting Zcash ported to as many non-linux platforms as possible. There needs to be a full node on a platform for 3rd party developers to integrate into wallets and things like that. Windows of course is the big goal, its needed for mass adoption. What constantly baffles me is people being willing to constantly dump BTC into private closed source miners and cloud mining, but failing to see this logic.

More platforms = more developers = more applications = more users = more demand for ZEC = higher price for ZEC = more mining profits

I’m gotten port done to Mac and arm64 processors (IoT, here we come!), but don’t have the resources to focus on my Windows port in progress or a binary release for Mac. Total donations so far have come to less than $200. The short sighted greed is astounding.

If you wanna see Windows before ZcashCo get around to it (“indeterminate future release”), go to and donate so I can focus on ports and not have to do Zcash integration consulting to keep the lights on.

You are welcome to checkout our platform. The zcash to fiat trade via OTC mode, like what localbitcoins did for btc. Also, we fully support general product trading by using zcash.

Yes David, we are on the same page. We will also help on zcash large spread :slight_smile:

More platforms = more developers = more applications = more users = more demand for ZEC = higher price for ZEC = more mining profits.

This statement needs to be echoed more often.
All cryptos successful to this day fail to be relevant if portability is neglected.

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I have all dependencies building natively on Windows now…I just need time to work on getting the rest of Zcash itself squared away…but can’t afford to put the time in

I mean at this point I’ve ported Zcash to Mac and to ARM, its not like I’m asking people to throw money at me without having shown results already

endorsements and support from the ccc (not chaos) and core devs could easily go a long wyy.
have you had much luck, interactions so far?

not much luck so far, no. and ccc is???

as in crypto-currency-community.
bitcointalk, CryptoCurrency and zec subreddits would all be ripe areas for sharing your port.
reach out to roger ver, erik vorhees (both are zcash investors, so you’d imagine they would be more than interested), andreas antonopoulos for now; they’re all major players in this arena and primarily rely on mac.

Vorhees at least follows me on twitter, I’m not sure about Ver…I’ll ping them and Andreas…I was going to hit them up when I get a binary release for Mac out (this week some time)…but yeah those other forums are a good idea, too