Free2Z: Preparing the Garden For Spring

This is so true! I’ve lived this first hand! Free2z is not only an open window for expression for those who have a lot to say and feel overexposed in other platforms, but it also allows more people to fund their works or needs without having to deal with the barriers of traditional fundraising platforms. Specially in regions like South America (where I live) and Africa.

We can’t use GonFundMe, nor Kickstarter, nor OnlyFans, but Free2z is there wide open and they don’t even care about our name or email.


@birdify & Zcash Community, I am happy to announce that the @ZcashGrants Committee unanimously voted to approve this Grant Proposal at the most recent meeting.


@decentralistdan @skyl and I are honored to receive this grant and have been touched by the strong support for Free2z by everyone here in the forum. Thanks to the @ZcashGrants Committee and the Zcash Community for supporting the Zcash app ecosystem and helping to make Free2z a reality!!!


Hey @birdify! Just in case this is helpful to you: Over at my company , which also prioritizes user privacy, we get our analytics from Cloudflare.

Cloudflare does NO individual tracking, it just presents basic stats in aggregate. Perfect balance between maintaining the privacy of individuals while still letting us know we’re providing value to the world.

Hey @birdify! Sunny here. I just want to wave hello from - we’re a privacy-focused audio/video streaming platform that works for browsers as well as in our apps for Android and Apple. How far along are you in the implementation of the live streaming feature?

As someone who originally thought surely it couldn’t take more than 6-8 weeks to throw up a privacy-hardened jitsi wrap, but then actually accomplished it after a much longer stretch of time, I’d love to connect to see if there’s anything we could do to smooth your path. Please feel free to reach out if you’d like.

If you want to check us out, this is one of our free offerings that works for browsers:
The Internet Phone Booth

Here’s our main site; registering for an account unlocks many:many call stream capabilities:

Here’s to helping the privacy community not have to reinvent every wheel,


Thanks @machinesunmachine we’ve implemented that feature but it’s always good to hear about other approaches. I’ll check out your platform.

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Milestone 1 Complete!

Some fantastic news here; @skyl and I would like to announce the completion of milestone 1.
Free2z has launched the following exciting new features:

  1. Launch a livestream directly from your account profile:
    Livestream tutorial
    Livestream Docs

  2. Cool new features like text chat, polls and chess games in Free2z Live:
    Livestream features tutorial
    Livestream Docs

  3. AI Tools integrated into the editor experience, including tools for image and content generation.
    Add AI text content tutorial
    Generate AI images tutorial
    AI Content Generation Docs

  4. Cloud infrastructure updates for scalability and security

  5. Security mini-audit completed
    Security mini-audit

  6. Image uploads and a brand new media library
    Image uploads tutorial
    Media library tutorial
    Uploads Docs

We are so excited to release these new features and welcome feedback on our issues page.

Thanks Zcash Community and Zcash Foundation!


Looks like the Livestream Docs link is a localhost link, and the Security mini-audit seems to be private?

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Good catch @Dodger ! Here’s the link: Free2z Live
Let me check on the permissions of the audit board.

@Dodger just need your email and we’ll add you to the security project.

We can give you or any trusted delegate access to the code to read, audit or even contribute to. Free2Z is currently closed source because I’m a monorepo enthusiast who insists that the infrastructure code live with the application code and it would be weird to open source the whole monorepo at this stage. But, we can grant access fairly freely.

Defusec wrote a nice initial miniaudit for us that we can share privately now and publicly in the future. I’m still working on one potential privacy concern that can be mitigated by using TOR.

We will continue to focus and iterate on security and privacy.


I wrote a post on the current state of privacy on free2z. It’s mostly good but room to grow:


More great news, @skyl and I would like to announce that Milestone 2 is finished!

Here’s a partial list of great new features:

Boosting Pages:
Tutorial: Boost a page Docs: Boosting your zPage

Donating to creators:

Tutorial: Donate with 2Zs Docs: Donating with 2Zs

Subscribing to creators:

Tutorial: Subscribing with 2Zs Docs: Subscribing with 2Zs

Setting a subscription price

Tutorial: Subscription price Docs: Subscription price

Upvoting and downvoting

Tutorial: Upvoting and Downvoting Docs: Upvoting and Downvoting

Making Comments:

Tutorial: Making Comments Docs: Making Comments with 2Zs

Generating images and text with AI

Tutorial: AI Images Tutorial: AI text generation

AI Content Generation

Members only zPages

Tutorial: Subscribers only

Managing Free2Z Circles

Tutorial: Managing Circles Docs: Managing Circles

Security and Privacy

State of Privacy

Security, Malware and Bounty program

New Docs Experience

It’s been very gratifying to see the amazing content produced every day by Free2z creators, so if you haven’t taken a look in a while check it out!

As always, please give us any feedback or suggestions that you have on our issues page.

Thanks Zcashers!


Those things we closely watched during last Free2z live were nice.
I’m proud of being part of this, and see the baby growing.

Loving the feature of ZPages subscription and waiting for the rest of great stuff to come.

¡A seguir dándole duro, guys! Tamos colando juntos!


This is amazing work! Thank you @birdify and @skyl :star_struck: :star_struck:


Been having a lot of fun with Free2Z, you guys have built something awesome. Its funny, in another thread I mentioned how I wasn’t a fan of the direction Twitter is going and I just wanted to mention its great we have other options. Hope everyone gives an honest attempt at the platform and let me know your page so I can subscribe to you :zebra:


Hi Zcash Community,

Just wanted to give you all a head’s up that we are working on wrapping up the third milestone; should be finished before December 31.



We made a big update to our docs pages recently: Free2Z Documentation | Free2Z Everything is still a work in progress. Let us know what you think.



It looks like the intro of Star Wars to me.

I liked it better the way it was before.

May the force be with you… :sweat_smile:

The update was more about the content than the animation.