Freelance marketplace for Zcash developers and consultants

We’re looking for Zcash developers / consultants - and who have a great industry reputation. We even have CEO’s of other startups and projects, so anyone is welcome!

We soft-launched Moneo a couple of months ago and are getting good traction. You can see our portfolio of consultants here.

You can read more about what we do here, in summary; we’re a marketplace to hire hand-picked blockchain talent, with Bitcoin escrow payments (maybe Zcash in the future!).

We have been creating talent pools (like this one for Ethereum) and have a (quite empty) one for Zcash. As Zcash grows, more people will need help with integrations, and we want Moneo to be the safe place to hire them (win/win for both of us).

BTW, we’re also looking for someone to spread the word in the Zcash community (as a brand ambassador)

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