Genoil.exe APPCRASH

someone had such problem mb?

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Genoil is not working at all. GPU drivers crash after start.

I tried on one R9 390 it works some time, then crash.
But when start genoli on my farm it crashes in start with APPCRASH error.

How can i mine on with AMD GPU?????

I've mined about 0.005 zec but i guess i've reset the miner about 30 times or more.

At the end it just got worse so I stopped mining for now.

Anyone got any idea how to CPU mine on windows? Wanna do that for now. I got nheqminer but dont really get the hang of it. Anyone knows how to set it up? Can I mine ZEC for myself or only hook it up towards nicehash somehow?

now i'm mining on nicehash, but really dont like this pool. I like flypool, but this fukin terrible soft. One way - have a break, until this AMD GPU miner will be work stabel. Or, at least, will be work)

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