Getting error 16-bad-orchard-bundle-authorization

It’s been some time now that I am getting this error 16 bad orchard bundle authorization on my ywallet when I try to send a payment to an UA. I used some Zec to send to Zaddr and went thru as I had some in sapling but since then all funds on orchard a getting that error.
Also today I got and error that I didn’t get it correct and I will be glad if support could help me understand that. The Blockchain detected an attempt to reorg on a certain block that could be seen on the screenshot and I don’t know what that comes from or is some bug to the network or just an attempt to a possible reorg🤔. So what could be the issue guys?!
Exhibit 1 Screenshot one
Screenshot two

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Dont worry about the second “rewind detected” issue, it likely does not affect the other bad-orchard-bundle issue. This is the link to the Ywallet discord if you wanted to join and I’ll post this on there so the main dev will see if not (no problem). Any device and app version information would be helpful as well.
Do you know anything about the wallet and device that was used to send to you?

(Just fyI this issue was directly related to 32bit android devices that basically performed improper computations. The affected codebase was patched a few weeks back.)

The issue is not fixed yet. `bad-orchard-bundle-authentication` errors are occurring on 32-bit Android OS · Issue #6440 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

Or may be it is but the package isn’t released.


So, no ETA on fixing issue?

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The issue seems to ongoing and the urgency will likely be elevated. Hang in there!

Getting the fix for this issue through the stack was delayed by us working for the last month on the recent security releases. We recently merged the fix into zcash/halo2, and are now getting the stack of crates prepared to roll the fix into the upcoming zcash_primitives 0.11; from there it can be pulled into zcashd and other downstream crate users.


To be clear, this is not an issue with Android 32 bit itself but because the code made some non portable assumptions.

In any case, Ywallet 1.3.6 on the Google Play Store integrates the fixes and works on Android 32 bit now.

Other stores will pick it up shortly. In the meantime you can find the release on GitHub.