Error 'bad-orchard-bundle-authentication' occurring in lightwallets

This thread promotes an issue that was previously tracked here:


Is it happening to accounts created in ywallet?

Edit: To be clear, ZWalletTest was not updated to support NU-5. The error “bad-orchard-…” is not related to it.


Hi! I’m not sure I understand you question.

Can you propose some steps we can test?

Well, the title mentions “Lightwallets” but I don’t see where it affects other wallets than Zingo. Could you clarify why you think it is generalized to all light wallets?

We still haven’t reliably reproduced this issue.

The evidence that I have that YWallet might have the same (or a similar) issue is this:

zingo is getting `bad-orchard-bundle-authentication` errors · Issue #6440 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

Yeah but these are accounts that have been recovered in ywallet after experiencing issues in Zingo.

Anyway, I will take a look then.