Getting error during transaction

Hello, I am getting this error when trying to send money from my address to any other address. Can anyone help to solve this problem?

Please provide some details:

  1. Which ZCash version are you using, binary or compiled from source?
  2. On what OS?
  3. Did you follow the setup instructions fully, create zcash.conf etc?
  4. What version of the GUI wallet have you got?
  5. It may be helpful to start the GUI wallet in a terminal and provide the console log…

Are the funds you are sending from a taddr or a zaddr? and are they coins you got from mining or send to that wallet?

The error text gives you two things to check. Is zcashd running? If not, start that and try again. If so, check the parameters of the command you’re using.

Hello, Yes when I am trying to make withdraw, zcashd is running.

2) I am using Ubuntu 16.04.1X64
3) Yes I followed all instructions from zcash github page.
4) GUI wallet version is Swing Wallet 0.58 BETA
and when I am trying to make transaction by CLI, getting this error

That command line LOOKS right…have you tried the transaction in the GUI?

Are you on testnet? It looks like you’re trying to send from a testnet address ™ to a real address (t1).


oh good catch! yeah that seems likely… @btcgeo paste your ~/.zcash/zcash.conf here

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I’ve seen my conf file and I was on Testnet. Just removed it and got t1 address. Thank you guys.