.CONF "swap file" problem

I’m pretty “new” when it comes to this stuff, so bear with me.

I entered the command vi ~/.zcash/zcash.conf so I could create the Zcash.conf file, but I screwed something up. Then, apparently, I further complicated the problem by “x-ing” out of the terminal instead of quiting with the correct command.

At this point, I just want to start over (create the .conf and enter testnet details) but whenever I enter vi ~/.zcash/zcash.conf I get the error below. I’m not sure how to fix this problem. I’m guessing somebody here can fix it in 5 minutes, so it makes more sense for me to break down and ask, rather than spend another couple hours trying to figure it out.

Link to Screenshot of error

Rather than doing it by command line you could look in your files directory, CTRL+H to see hidden files (.zcash) and right click to create the .conf file (inside the .zcash folder)

Thanks for the fast reply, Shawn. Quick question: I see the two files that were showing up in the error message (the most recent screenshot only shows one of them, but there were two) Anyway, they’re named: zcash.conf.swp and zcash.conf.swo. …would it hurt to delete those?

UPDATE: Ok, I deleted the two files and I seemed to get a little further, but I’m having no luck when I go to save the testnet info. Here’s what I’m doing:

I open terminal and enter: vi ~/.zcash/zcash.conf

I then press “insert” on my keyboard and paste in the info

I then press ESC and enter :wq then press “enter”

I get the error “can’t open file for writing” (screenshot below)
Screenshot image

By the way, I did try adding zcash.conf manually to each of the three zcash folders I saw in the directory (I just put “test text 1, test text 2, test text 3” respectively in each file) but I didn’t see any of these in the terminal when I ran the command vi ~/.zcash/zcash.conf (…not sure, but I think if I’d added the file to the right place, I would have seen one of the test / text messages.)

Check that the ~/.zcash directory exists and has permissions allowing writing by the user account in which you’re running vi.

Would I just search for .zcash ? If so, I don’t see anything coming up with that name. I only get results when I search zcash (without the dot).

There is a zcash directory & .zcash directory. I think you might find this easier with a desktop interface btw. What OS are you using?

I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit (was told that was the one to go with.) I don’t see the .zcash directory. Easy fix? (Fingers crossed).

NOTE: I do get “.zcash-params,” but I’m guessing that’s not what I want.

This command will show all the files and directories in the current directory:

ls -a

If you see the zcash directory but there’s still no .zcash directory then you might not have followed all the instructions in the Public Alpha Guide - particularly the fetch-params.sh part.

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Well, it’s definitely not there. (I’ve done this on two machines, the other one has the .zcash directory…this one doesn’t.) No idea what I did wrong / different. Here’s what I ran before…should I just run it all again?

git clone GitHub - zcash/zcash: Zcash - Internet Money
cd zcash/
git checkout zc.v0.11.2.z8

Did fetch-params.sh take a while to finish downloading the proving key? Did it show a progress display?

Note that you should now be using git checkout zc.v0.11.2.z9. You also need to create the .zcash directory using mkdir ~/.zcash (the Public Alpha Guide does say this).

Yes, everything took a while and I ran the “tests” afterword (which also took a while but seemed OK.)

Thanks, Daira. I had another guy who knows a lot more about this stuff than I do write out some instructions for me…seems like they worked on my Windows 7 machine, but not my Windows 8.1.

Am I able to fix whatever is screwed up here, or do I have to uninstall and start over?

Starting in the same directory that the zcash directory is located, what happens when you enter?

ls .zcash

The reason I ask is that fetch-params.sh downloads files into .zcash

When I open the terminal and run that command, it just says “no such file or directory.”

Here is the full view (what I get when I run ls -a

.Zcash missing

I updated Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub to hopefully make the need to create ~/.zcash clearer.

Note that zcutil/fetch-params.sh creates ~/.zcash-params, not ~/.zcash.

Thanks again. What happens if I just start over from the beginning? Do I wind up with a bigger mess, or will everything just be “updated.” (I’d be using your guide this time instead of the instructions I used before.)

You should be able to just continue from the ‘Running’ section (if you’ve already completed the previous steps).

Gave it a shot, but still got an error (screenshot below)

No luck

~/.zcash/zcash.conf is not the command and it obviously produce that error message. You simply need to create a zcash.conf file with a text editor like gedit and then place it in the ~/.zcash folder.