Good miner for Intel Cpu/Gpu systems

I am looking for a ZEC miner for computers running Intel CPUs with Intel graphics. something I can run to do even a little mining. these computers are already running and doing almost nothing productive so I wanted to have a little fun trying to see if I can kill them mining ZEC.

I’m not worried if i get 1 H/s or 100,000 H/s (tho that second number would be sweet) currently i have 4 computers totaling 350 H/s which seems to be making about $25 a week at current value (I am not mining for the money just fun) but I want to see how much I can push the currently idle computers I would like to experiment with.

I am aware CPU mining sucks, I am also aware that mining on Intel CPUs with on board graphics will suck. I just want to see if I can push them hard enough to explode (literally would be fun)

Key notes,
Mining software must be able to work with slushpool somehow.
Unless you are suggesting mining software to try please do not comment if you are just planing on remarking that it “won’t work” or “is stupid” I literally expect it won’t work, but I still want to find software to test my theory and how fast I can kill about 18 laptops, 3 AIOs and 7 desktops mining ZEC.

You have two decent options

I am not sure if you can mine with onboard video, I think it falls below the minimum spec’s for it to even register on the mining software.

NiceHash for CPU mining which will auto mine whatever is the most profitable - They have there own pool and would not use slush, but wanted to mention it to you.

or Nheqminer for mining Zcash with cpu