Help pls - I need to mine a small amount to a pool, using CPU or basic GPU

Hi, could any one tell me what the easiest way to mine with CPU to flypool is?
I don’t think zcashd supports stratum protocol so I’d need some independent package. Is claymore the right thing?

PS, I’m no looking to mine efficiently or profitably, I just need to be able to register some amount of hash power.

mining Zcash with a CPU or GPU is no longer efficient or profitable, only with an ASIC

CitricAcid is correct, mining Zcash with a CPU is not likely to be profitable.

The embedded CPU miner with Zcash is only capable of mining solo, there is no Stratum support.

If you are interested in getting some Zcash, I would suggest just buying a little to see how it works rather than trying to CPU mine.

Thanks @CitricAcid and @Shawn but as I mentioned in the first post, I’m not looking to profit. The stratum connection is for a test platform I’m building, I just need a really simple way to register some hash power on flypool. I used to have Equihash ASICs but sold them recently. I’d like to therefore use CPU to register some hash power (even 1 sols/s would do). Any ideas?

yep… this “was” the program to use to mine Zcash with a cpu

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Many thanks - will give it a try.

Using a cpu to pool mine will definitely take multiple months (in the best scenario) to reach a minimum payout threshold which is usually 0.01 and thats optimistic

Thanks all. I am now using nheqminer as a CPU solver while connected to flypool - just what I wanted. It is of course struggling to register any shares.

I have some balance left in some accounts in flypool under 0.01 (my payment threshold) so I can t withdraw unless either:

a) I can top up slightly (I don’t have the means to do this anymore really)
b) I can reduce the payout threshold. As my workers are now inactive I am unable to change the settings as flypool says “Invalid IP” when I try to. I was hoping that by registering a share or two from my CPU miner I could then change the flypool settings.

…any suggestions as to how I can do this? I know its a tiny amount of value but my OCD side wants to retrieve it.

After a couple of registered shares you should be able to go in an change your payout settings, though there will be a fee since it is below 0.01

From what I have seen usually a share will keep the ability to change your settings only lasts a few hours

just have to keep watching, though time spent is probably going to cost you more than the payout

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Thanks @CitricAcid, v helpful info.

It worked. After a night of running nheqminer with 5 threads of CPU (seemed optimal after a little testing on a 12 thread machine, running Win via VirtualBox) I get 1 share registered which was enough to register an IP address and allow me to change payout threshold…

Thanks for the help guys.