Good nicehash hardware request - equihash mining

Hello at all,

i need some advice for hardware config for nicehash equihash mining.
Does anyone have some experience?

I have looked for a cpu (i7 6700K) and gpu (RX 470) which have good profibility.

Is there any mainboard which support this cpu (maybe two sockets for 2 cpu’s) and 6 gpu’s?

Thanks for your response!


I would answer you if you even did a slight bit of research outside of profits, but you obviously didn’t

I don’t think you 'll find a dual I7 mobo but lots of boards support single I7 with upto 7 PCIe slots.

biostar and asrock have a range built for mining see links

don’t base a mining rig on a high end cpu like a i7 6700k, yes for equal hash it is pretty efficent, but for other coins its worthless. Best thing to do is to make a AMD mining rig around the very efficent RX series.

Equal hash is still profitable to mine today, but the price of zcash is going down very quickly and will continue to do so.

If you like the idea of mining, go for it, but don’t see the wild prices of zcash and expect to make a lot of money in the short term.