Good shares:14,918, but 0.00000000 coins

Hello everyone, I am new to mining, I started mining zcash yesterday, I am mining with a 1060, I find it very strange because I have a hash of 250 sols, I have already done Good shares: 14,940, but did not generate any currency, only to compare mining Eth with 2,000 good-shares I got coins, but so far nothing with zcash, is this normal? thx for help

I’m using the minergat pool.

Hi, try this I am running here with Jaxx wallet, see Zcash Flypool - Zcash (ZEC) mining pool

Thanks for the help, do I have to create some kind of work? Where do I create this?
For the example below I do not know where I create my worker and pass
Miner.exe --server --user . --pass x --port --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3

I don’t know, I am running on Radeon. So if it is as difficult as it seems to me, try Nicehash miner from that page from their example. It seems to be much easier. If you still don’t know, paste here your location (Asia, China, Europe, US) and your wallet address as well. So I will send you code for bat file back.

thx for help, my location are USA my wallet t1LNELfFGpMWnPjopxsZs4P1cGVpGxyVfpo … I do not know what to put in work.

After download Nicehash miner for NV card from here Release Nicehash nheqminer v. 0.3a · etherchain-org/nheqminer · GitHub you have to extract it to an empty folder of your choice. Then edit start.bat file, delete all the text from it and paste here

nheqminer.exe -cd 0 -l -u t1LNELfFGpMWnPjopxsZs4P1cGVpGxyVfpo.rig1

It should function, you can start it. After you start, don’t forget to find your info about your mining with pasting your wallet address into text frame on flypool page placed above. click on settings and define informations about your rig and you. You have to know your public ip of your rig. If you don’t know it yet, google for “my public ip” etc. Give it hour or two. Your whole progress will be in flypool dashboard. In your wallet will be after you beat minimal amount for send to wallet.

Seems you have it! Zcash Flypool - Zcash (ZEC) mining pool Good job!

It seems that it worked, thank you very much for the help, I was very happy to get it, I’m really very grateful. hug

Hi, could you help me regarding Zcash.

I’m mining in zcash using minergate i have 50,000 Good shares but it doesn’t convert into mined currency… what should i do.

which pool and what miner did you used?

i have been using minergate, i’m new in the mining field. i’m using linux by using this command
./nheqminer -l

i have 2 Rdp, each rdp has 4 core cpu, 14 GB memory. operating system: linux.

if you are using a CPU to mine with you’re making like 0.02 a day

GPU mining is now the prefered method

Is the 0.02 in $0.02 or 0.02 zec?

$0.02 if you are mining by cpu only…