Word of warning: nheqminer nicehash (could just be me?)

so i found out why my 2x hd 7950’s were under performing even being overclocked (was only getting down to 9 sols per card!) the nheqminer.exe was only giving me 8 / 9 sols (i5 2500k) and after a short period of time my graphics cards were dropping stupidly low, i turned off the CPU miner and it jumped back to 45+ per card, i’m now getting around 90 sol’s total, i thought i’d throw it out there in case anyone was also having issues.

I just thought it seemed a bit strange that a CPU miner that only gave me 8 / 9 sols was hindering so much of my GPU’s.

Windows 7 64 bit
catalyst 16.9.2 drivers
Claymores 2.1 beta (GPU)

You need to leave a couple of threads free on any cpu miner if you are mining with gpu aswell…

This way they can both perform. Your system becomes unstable if your maxing your cpu

From where i can find my stratum address for nicehash?


Your zcash wallet address for username and password x

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The main problem is for me that how and where can i get Zcash wallet address?
I have created through bittrex, can i use for it?

I am using nhqeminer for CPU mining in windows 7, 64 bit pc.

If you want to mine directly to an exchange you can use that or get your own wallet such as Jaxx

but jaxx did not allow us to create zcash wallet id, we use btc wallet id for zcash.

I think jaxx desktop wallet does.

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ok, where to download jaxx? if i create jaxx accountm then nhqeminer will run fine?

I looks to me like you’ve created a buyers account on nicehash when what you really want is to sell/mine on nicehash with your CPU .

Sellers/miners use a bitcoin address and don’t need an account

did i do something wrong? Tell me what exactly i do for running my PC for mining zcash?

Do you have linux on your PC :slight_smile:

Some instructions are available on the zcash website click the big blue button that says try it out.

If you want to use nicehash to sell/mine equihash then you can download nicehash Windows GUI miner from their website, it’s easy follow the guide for selling hashing power /:slight_smile:

Good luck

I have PC right now, and want to run my miner nheqminer for mining zcash.

Trying to NiceHashMiner.exe and face the following error:

then go back to running nheqminer but use your bitcoin address as -U instead of kay5ive

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yes, nhqeminer working i think.

But its too slow:

Well done you’re mining Zcash, it’s a slow start :smile:

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What next after getting 100 sol/s ? :laughing:

I mean how my sol/s earning will be gone in jaxx wallet?