NiceHach miner GPU not working but CPU working fine

(I have hidded my address in the image because someone might have the same problem and download the image)

I am trying to mine using GPU, 2x gtx 770m on a laptop (just to try, I know it is bad for the laptop health)
My CPU is a Intel i7 4800qm

I can run the software and it works but at 0 Sols/s
Is it a bug? What should I do to make it mine for real? The CPU miner works perfectly

Here is the command I use to mine on my CPU, it is quad core and 8 8 cores total because of the virtual ones

nheqminer_zcash -l usa -u t1d6Xh8Wuto6NzxCaR13WeGf7wDskrTsJgs -t 6

and this is the one I use to mine with the GPU

nheqminer_zcash -l usa -u t1d6Xh8Wuto6NzxCaR13WeGf7wDskrTsJgs -t 0 -cd 0 1

The software is the nheqminer_v0_3a

Any ideas??

same problem with laptop

I hope they solve it fast, I’ve spent all day long trying to figure it out