Is it good sol/s?

Hey i wonder guys you to ask is this a good hashrate

Ive got 3486 sol/s from 6x 1080 (non ti) (581 sol/s each) at 60-65 celcius is that good? Total power usage i check via wattmeter 670-710W in full usage (some time my sol/s jumps to 601 sols)

Its gtx 1080 (Non ti version) is that good or i should aim for more?

how are you getting this?

It’s 4.9 sols/w. The usual sols for 1080 for efficient mining is around 500 sols/s. So I don’t get how you’re getting higher sol/s, but more efficient

And the wattage you’re measuring includes the whole system, so your power draw for each card is even lower. It’s 5+ sols/w, which is even more efficient than a 1080ti

wow I want to know what settings you have because Im getting 500-505 Sol/s for each 1080

well getting 600sol/s isn’t hard for the 1080. the problem is that it isn’t efficient.

when I do 600 sol/s I need to pust my card to the max and just getting around the 2,4 sol/w
I’m currently rocking 65% power and getting 480 sol/s and with an efficiency of 4.14/solw

getting 600sol/s looks cool but isn’t that good

He’s getting 5+sols/w with his hashrate and 700W wattage, and this is for the whole system, not the GPUs only

I find it quite impossible to get this sols/w ratio

wow I didn’t read the post that good, but yea getting 600 sol/s and still getting 5 sol/w is to good to be true.

I hope he does send us a pic of the OC/UC of his system

pratically impossible, but I would be glad to be proved wrong.

yeah man, show some pics

very interested in your settings or if you tweaked the bios or anything

I didnt touch the bios ? If i change the bios i will bet better performance cuz i already doing it for Ethash (on rx’s) but didnt hear anything about this in Nvidia

Can you post a photo of your settings?

With a 4.14 sol/w I would be happy even with 100 sol/s. That’s really good efficiency, like really really good!