GPU Wholesale Prices go up 10%

I’m an IT consultant who has had the luxury of purchasing GPU’s relatively inexpensively. Wholesale prices went up 10% last night on Synnex. Ingram Micro already had pretty high prices and their backorder on each card is typically more than a 1,000+ cards. Lead time from PNY was just announced at 12-16 weeks. And, if you have a warranty issue, DO NOT MENTION MINING. PNY immediately voids warranty on cards used for mining.


u cry ower 10%??? in my country the prices rised for 100-150% on each nvidia 1060/1070 only the 1080 tis rised only 50-80%
crapy 1060 6GB Asus for 533 euros
MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 909,09 €
Gigabyte GV-N108TAORUS X-11GD 1145,35 €


in my country i get to drink cleaned water! and drive a car! and carry a banner with colors on it! and walk on streets!

we get it, things arent cheap in some countries. go complain to your government.

Thanks for the headsup! hopefully prices dont stray to high.

I’d like to buy 24 EVGA 1060 3gb cards…

I don’t see a manufacturer voiding a warranty just “because”. There’s no distinguishable difference between mining and any other activity like gaming…they’d not survive any real challenge…don’t mean to go off on a tangent.

Anyhow, if you can get cards like what I indicated, let me know!

@koso16 - “1070 Ti 909,09 €” what country is this?

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Slovakia EU…

Are you aware that you can order from e.g France or Germany with way lower prices?

And ? if problems with the GPU RMA will be a pain in the ass + more expanses on my side for sending the package …noo thx

Would you rather pay 900e for a 1070 Ti in SVK than 500e in FR just because RMA and mailing fees? I doubt it!

And tariffs, and VAT, and Customs, etc. Just getting datacenter gear from one country to another is a huge PITA in EU. I think if I could pay half as much for a card and it failed, I’d just throw it in the bin and buy another. They don’t fail often if your mains power is clean.

i would pass on booth offers >D i will wait until the shortage caused by sberbank goes away and the prizes goes down again

@lacquerhead - Luckily there are no tariffs and customs withen the EU - and VAT is 17-25% :slight_smile:

@koso16 - I still don’t get the logic behind those SVK prices… with the possibility of buying from any other cheaper EU country nobody must be buying at those SVK prices - right?

because the shortage is not only in SVK also in germany and austria also cezch rep and the rest of the few cards available are sold for extreme prizes everyone counts with the chinase new year and therefor pumped the prizes up and hope the restock won came so soon so they can short profit
Like right now there are only about 2-3 shops that have gpus on stock so they control the local marked

noticed today that even the 1050TI getting sold out slowly even 180-250 euros price tags …what madness

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phakov, are you in the states? If so, then I could probably help you out. My suppliers don’t have anything in stock but we can place an order to see what the lead time is. PM me for further info.

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