Nvidia to release GP106 & GP104 Dedicated Mining Only GPUs Soon GTX1060 GTX1070 GTX1080

Ok bit of news from China… Nvidia will be releasing Mining Only GPUs soon… These will be GPUs without any display panels, no DP, no HDMI, no DVI… just a card and cooler. They will only be able to mine, they will not work for things such as playing games or rendering video, etc…

Just a heads up on whats to come… If your thinking of building an Nvidia mining rig now… might be best to wait…


i think these are the enterprise cards, like tesla, but not work servers/cloud but for workstations. As far as i heard pricing would still be very bad compared to a GTX11xx or GTX10xx

Im trying to find out more, cousin works for nviida, she told me about htem a week ago, and people are talking about them all around in ZCash groups in china now… when i find out any more I will update.

Otherwise I think it would be smart to wait and see… i dont think they they will be overpriced if they are aimed at miners and mining farms… else why would they make them… ?

There would be no point in making a mining specific card that does nothing else but mine … and then charge more than the gaming cards… no one is going to pay more money for less hashrate per dollar invested in the GPU.

Nvidia doesnt like miners using their mainstream gaming cards for mining, they do not like dealing with warranty issues on the cards, so instead of fighting it, they are starting to embrace mining (as far as I can see).

Even if they do end up costing 2000 or 5000$ a GPU, if the hashrate is worth it and makes it a better buy… then it is a better buy… and if they are coming out with these cards… we should wait to see if these cards will kill the current hashrate on existing GTX cards.

I just dont think its smart to build a GTX miner without knowing more about these cards, as they will be coming out … so…

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well thats aint true for tesla’s … miners wont work on them because they are developped on consumer hardware. so even if they make the cards … i’d first like to see it actually work, ergo i dont expect it before Q3/18 and until then we’d still be upgrading our farm with 1070’s :wink:

these are being developed to only mine though… and wont do anything else.
they are probably being developed due to ZCash
They will be out this year.
Rumors are as soon as 1-2 months

When nvidia announces it i’ll believe it, until then I won’t throw away profit.

have i lied before? but ok, do as you wish

I don’t think you are lying about hearing a rumor.

no its from a source inside nvidia… it is not a Rumor
the rumor is only the release date
otherwise it is not a rumor they will come out this year

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Being the first in the GPU space to target this market, you gotta give props to nvidia. Very smart move.
They already had a good year. Keeping my long’s on NVDA now sounds even sweeter!

If you think dedicated mining cards are gonna be the same price as GTX1080ti’s your gonna be sorely disappointed. Nvidia will want to cash in on the “datacentre mining scale” operators who have investment money to burn and so these cards are gonna be several $thousand each. Granted, they may perform much better than existing cards but you aint gonna be building rigs with 8 of them unless your seriously rich. Also I would expect 2 card options, a noisy leafblower style, and a completely passive heat sink only design for farms 110/240v fan high case airflow.

Be interesting to see if Cryptomined is right or not! :slight_smile:

I’m always right :sunglasses:

(just joking, im not always right - I am ALWAYS LEARNING :innocent: )

I totally agree, and I think its about time hardware companies take us seriously as we prop up their business enough the way it is… we deserve hardware dedicated to our needs. Biostar is pretty good to actually still make “mining” motherboards and now a 1-4 pcie extender, and also… 470D and 570’s with mining in mind (though they are just pretty much selling those to mining farms, i was able to get some myself)

Hey @cryptomined thanks for the info! Looking forward to see them on the market! By the way great video about the 8 GPU Mining Rig! I am building the same rig but with 1080ti’s (bye bye bank account :joy:) I have one question though, does the Celeron work well? Some threads say that a cheaper CPU would hinder zcash mining but I really don’t know. How has yours been?

thanks :slight_smile: havent tried zcash mining on that rig yet, just letting the eth run while i do other stuff, im in a rush cause im travelling in 3 days so im running around like nutz trying to do 100 things at once

ill have to test that when i get back

Very useful information, although not a huge fan of a GPU that won’t be for gaming, since I tend to resell GPUs to buy new ones, and will be very limited.

Wouldn’t this mean they won’t be able to mine in every algorithm?

this i dont know yet, i would like to know. and yeah harder to resell it if mining dies out and becomes less profitable for the masses… so I suppose Nvidia will make it worthwhile (hashrate/price)

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I was being over optimistic.
From their stance they could afford setting the barrier to entry higher seeing as the big players (farms) have plenty of capital to burn.
Either way, there’s money to be made for all players if nvidia goes through.

amen to that :smirk:

Noted you stocked the biostar boards on your store. Good to see asrock now has some healthy competition. Long over due.

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my asrock pro btc ethernet died the other day…

Never had that happen to any of mine, bad batch?
@Shawn there should be dislike option for the above ^