Small Mining Farm Questions

planning out a small mining farm and had some questions as to sourcing of GPU’s and PSU’s… Made a bunch of phone calls today didn’t really get anywhere… Does anyone on these forums know where i could source 80 GV-N108TAORUS-11GD gigabyte 1080 TI cards from? also need to source 20 evga 1600 T2 Psu’s as well… any help in the matter would be appreciated… I’ve already spoke with newegg business and even they have started putting limits on orders… and the cards on amazon are so scare its not even funny… plus some of them are listed at 1300 plus dollars per card…

Using 1080 Ti Cards would not qualify for me at “Small Mining”.

I have been trying to source them for the last 3 months… no one has been able to provide them.

You might get 1 or 2 from local vendors, but impossible to get in bulk for 10-20… this is just like when everybody was buying the Nintendo Switch! Even now Amazon does not sell it yet.

So, if anyone has any information where to buy, I think it will be highly appreciated! Plus also they will probably sell them at $2000 :frowning:

I went through the Nintendo switch issues bought mine off a dude on Facebook lol… Well this isn’t good news as I was hoping to have this farm up and running by Feb 1st not looking to good right now… Is it a reseller shortage or a manufacturer shortage? Could one just order straight from gigabyte since they are the makers of that specific card I’m after? Or would there be a huge min order of say like 1000 cards?

I think the way things are right now it’s going to be extremely difficult to source 80 cards of the same model. The PSU’s you might be able to get. If you’re willing to spend that much cash (approx 72K+ just for the GPU’s and PSU’s) why don’t you just invest in the coin and buy low,sell high and rinse/repeat? That would be much easier and more user friendly than putting together an entire farm, dealing with heat/cooling issues as well as OS and configuration.

Also the ROI on that farm to be profitable at current prices is approximately 4-5 months. (6 cards currently produce about 1500 USD each month, and you would have approx 14 6 card rigs so 21K/month). If you bought 120 ZEC at 600 USD, then waited 2 days and sold at 725 USD you would make 15K profit. So for example say you bought at 600 and sold at 725 4 times per month, that’s 60K profit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love mining and have a couple of rigs running happily. However if you want to get into mining at that scale you should seriously consider just coin investing. It’s a lot less hassle. If you’re dead set on mining then do the investment thing for 2 months, take about 6K and build you a rig to play with, then keep on investing and make some real cash.

Good Luck!

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I appreciate the response… I mine as well i have a x6 1070 rig and a x8 1080ti rig… But looking into the farm considering i just spent 3500 dollars on electrical work for said farm… plan on mining and HODLing long term some coins and trading other coins with the highs and lows… I found a website willing to sell me the 80 cards they just told me that there is no time frame on when my whole order would be fulfilled because of the shortages going on right now… plus i would be paying 150 over msrp per card so instead of spending 64K on cards it will end up costing 75k for the same cards… but oh well ROI will just be a little longer… or else maybe i should wait to hear some news about the new volta cards heard they are gonna be really good at mining based off the tests i have seen with the titan V…

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@Hannibal Waiting for new cards is never advisable in my opinion, you’re better off mining while the difficulty is lower so that you can net more coins. With that being said, I invested in my own mining farm back in the summer of 2016 and I still would have been better off just buying ETH outright, as I would have accumulated more coins that way. So the advice that @MColeman is offering is actually very sound advice.

have you tried alibaba?

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Stay away from that place when dealing with GPU’s… They will scam you with a wire transfer faster than… opps someone just got scammed


It is possible to order that many cards, if you know the right vender. My experience they are usually in 100 GPU lots and take 30 days.


I know to stay away from alibaba heard too many horror stories from that site… But the question is what vendors could i use? said they would let me order 80 cards but they said that they could not give me any time frame on when the whole order would be fulfilled…

How about you try and find a vendor that will allow you to order a minimum of 6 at a time. This way you can have at least a full rig up as 6 is about the average these days.
Build your rigs and keep ordering video cards ever week.

darkrider hit the nail on the head, every rig you build today is earning money tomorrow. Build it up 6-12 at a time, don’t sit around waiting for 3 months to try and get a bulk order of cards.

Thanks for the advice. I am in contact with a seller now. I’m trying to
convince him to use a Bitcoin escrow service. Think that is safe?

Can’t offer advice because I don’t know your seller or BTC escrow service you are using.

@Hannibal - You have balls of steel my friend. If you carry out with your plan I wish you the best of luck.

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@unni Thank you my friend! I have found a reseller willing to work with my order needs but problem is my order will be shipped to me as stock becomes available… so there is absolutely no time frame on when i would get all my cards and when i would get all my power supplies… But im in this for the long haul i already spent 3.5K on electrical work to run this farm so im just gonna go for it and see where this journey takes me i have the upmost faith in Zcash!

@Hannibal - Gradually getting the gear together is not a bad thing - you must know how long it can take to get a rig working smoothly x)

Zcash will be strong - We are all going to make it!

@unni Oh yes i do small time mining right now just have a 6 card 1070 rig and an 8 card 1080 ti rig at the moment… But when my plans come together and are finished aiming for a farm with eleven 8 card 1080 ti rigs and then my 6 card 1070 rig for a little while until i ROI then plan on expanding from there… It’s gonna take time but I and everyone else will make it… I believe Zec is a strong coin that is at the current time just over looked…

Correct. I can get 1080 tis in 50+ orders at $668. Takes about a week. All the same type.

@root Can you get gigabyte GV-N108TAORUS X-11GD cards? and if so what is the price on them? If you can get them and at a better price than 868.00 per card i would like to go that route if possible… Thank you…