GTX 1060 CUDA Error Mining Issue

I’m running the NiceHash miner v1.7.3.1. I used nheqminer v0.3 both manually and though the NiceHash miner and both times after a little time mining, I get an error of (CUDA error ‘misaligned address’ in func ‘eq_cuda_context::solve’) that makes my mining speed slowly seep to 0 Sol/s. Anyone else get this issue and is there any fix?

I’m running a EVGA GTX 1060 SC with a i5 6600k.

@NikiNiceHash Is there any solution for this problem?

Hello! Please address this technical problem to - I only work at the marketing department so they are more entitled to solve it. Thanks!

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You have to upgrade to the latest CUDA driver from NVidia’s website.

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