GTX 1070 which one would you get?

Hi, I started to read about mining about a month ago and started doing some mining with a gtx980 sc I currently have as my gaming pc but it uses aprox 250w stock so not worth, but during my research I found that it’s easier to but gtx 1070 to mine so I found these 2. Which one do you think is best for zcash mining or using nicehash.

the worst enemy of mining is heat
3x fans is much better than 1x fan but
GTX 1070 TI is little more efficient in sol/s and power usage and may be for resale

Cornelian dilemma…

Damn that’s true :confused: what I am thinking of doing is buy 2 and 2, see which one is most effecient. Was thinking about doing ax external fan directly facing the ti in that case, 10 extra watts won’t do no harm :stuck_out_tongue:

For mining purposes, a single fan cooling GPU is not ideal