GPU selection advise

I’m new here and noob there.
I’m on the final countdown to purchase some gpu’s.
My budget and the gpu’s that i found here are:
1.Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 8GB Aorus
2.XFX Radeon RX 580 8GB GTS XXX Edition
3.MSI GeForce GTX1070 Ti Aero 8GB
4.MSI GeForce GTX1070 Aero ITX 8G OC 8GB
That’s what i have available now.
Any thoughts about best VFM and of course Hashrate?

From what I can gather, the 1070TI has been the best card for efficient mining, at 470 sol/s at 108W. If you can get over the initial cost, it’s the best option given what we can do right now.

Thanx for the reply.
Any other cheaper suggestions?but with hashrate over 300sol/s.

i do with a regular gtx 1070 OC 475 sol/s (have 6 on each rig).
Depending on WHAT you want to mine you have to choose your card(s).
AMD performs the best with Ethash/Dagger H and NVIDIA perfoms the best with Equihash.
See tests on youtube for confirmation.

Thanx again,
As i see NVidia is way better for ZCash.But here the prices for GPU’S
are very high.525 euro for zotac 1070 ti amp edition and 345 euro for Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 8GB Aorus .
Is AMD worthy the downgrade from 475(nvidia)to 325 (amd) considered the price,hash and wattage?

I am using a GTX 970 for my mining right now. If you can find one used, it’s getting me a solid 306 sol/s, but only 1.77 sol/W. So they are more power hungry and do less work, but are indeed cheaper.

W’re u from? Perhaps i can help you :wink:

Good! So you’re provided now.

i live in athens ,Greece…