GTX 1080 8gb Armor

Anyone have been test This card please tell us number of sols/s ?

And thank you very much

A simple search around these forums will give you the information you’re looking for. A 1080 is a 1080 is a 1080. There isn’t going to be a huge difference in Sol/s between them.

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Okay thank you very much brother for this information

IMHO, look preferably on GTX 1070 or 1070/1080 TI.
GTX 1080 heats too much for mining.

I tested before 1080 gaming x it give me 600sols/s and 47 deg
But 1080 TI DUKE give me 740 and 68 deg!!

You test before 1080 armor ??

2 fans versus 3 fans

I have it it makes 500+ sols . out of box