1080 performance?

Hi so i want to know if it is worth to buy a 1080 over a 1070, a 1070 gives me about 460 sol/s, and it is 20% cheaper than a 1080, how much sol/s does your 1080 gives you with a good OC and power cranked to the max, thanks!

I have 1080 , and I don’t over clock . I only limit the watt to 150.
I get 500 sol

So that is pretty much a stock 1080 which is pretty good.

yes I am fine with that , squeezing extra 20 - 50 sols by overclocking is not my cup of tea .

now I am getting exactly 480 -490 while working on the pc " browsing and light work " .
bear in mind I have 2 monitors connected to the card one full hd and one 2k , when I watch youtube on 2k the sol goes down to 440 .

temp is little high 71

I think you could get up to almost 600sol/s or at least 550

I guess I can go to 550 , but too much power and temp in 80 range .
so it doesn’t worth it for me .
and I don’t have good history with overclocking .

so imo it doesn’t worth risking the gpu for 50 sols .

if price is your target for maximum sols I would say 2 gtx 1060 cheaper even than gtx 1070 and will get 270 each .

I have old pc I installed 2 gtx 1060 and limiting the power to 80 watt each and getting 550 sols .

one of them is the zotac mini 3g

Lol what happened when you OC? Believe me it is almost imposible to kill a video card when doing oc

Power is not really a consern for me, nor is energy

well it was not a gpu but a memory module

I had it runnig at 2666 and in one week pc didn’t boot and on it and had to go to 2300 I guess
they dont go higher anymore .
and that was only for 1 week overclock .

I am telling you , the 1080 costed me 550 EUR
and the gtx 1060 costed 200 each the 3g version

and they both get me 550 sols

I have 1080 ti arriving next week . I will test how it does to see which ones are best for my next rig .

I have Gigabyte 1080 AORUS rev.1.1 - memory micron 11gbps. For Zcash it is good choise if you need save some space in pci-e slots, but better ROI have 2x 1060 3G.

The memory of my 1070s is running at 4498 right now. No problem, but if i do 1060 you gotta take in count cost of a bigger rig, PSU and other stuff that will make the 1060 rig almost as costy as the 1080

Could you tell me what is the performance if you boost the power limit to 112% pls!!!

I can’t tell you that , I am in linux and its a pain in the butt to do overclocking .

i got max about 590 sols … but is not effective :slight_smile:

nice performance you have

Why not effective? I dont really care about light costs

so its about of point of view :slight_smile: you got +50-60 sols for + 70-80W and much more heat dispation … you asked me and i am answering to you …

1070Ti is better, 510 sols with core + 200, Mem + 700, TDP 65%, Temp is 55 with Fan 65% and env temp 22.

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