Zotac 1080 mini

Does anyone else use this cards for mining or I'm the only one? If there is anyone who use this tipe of cards let me know because I think my cards gives me not enough sol/s and I think it's because of PSU and not about cards.

What kind of numbers are you seeing? I was thinking of minis for my next rig

I've only minis, I'm able to sleep with them on auto mode, hash rates are as expected

It was all about connecting monitor on GPU (1080mini) not on integrated GPU. Since I connected monitor on integ GPU hashrate is OK now. It’s about 500 sol/s.

I have Zotac 1080 Mini’s

I also feel they don’t perform up to scratch for Mining I get Max about 550 sol/s Stable.

I regret Buying them as I have a few Zotac 1080 Amp extremes that cost me the same price, that run much cooler and get over 600 sols/s with ease.

Its all my supplier had in stock that’s why I bought them 2 months later now I see they selling for 100$ cheaper then what I paid.


@Bakes Your getting 550sols from Zotac Mini? Whats the temperature on the card? Just wondering wha you get from zotac mini on eth? And last question, what are you settings and how many watt is it pulling?

Yeah 550 Sols with a Mini, Thats with 100 % power +600 Memory running at 64°C Pulling 180w

Have never tried Eth as 1080’s are bad at mining it.

I run them a but lower to preserve them

Memory +350
Power 90%
GPU Temp 60°C
Sols 524
Power Pulled 156W

3.36 Sol/W