Gtx 1080 ti aorus not enough vga cables?

Specifically, the Seasonic Prime 1200 and Seasonic Snow Silent 1050 PSUs come with 8+6 cables that aren’t meant to be used to power a 1080ti with 8+6 power plugs. The cable plugs match but the cables themselves don’t have a rating that is tested to power it. There is an explicit “do not use” page on the manual that comes with these PSUs that instructs to use two cables per 1080 ti due to their poor cable quality. These are Platinum rated PSUs as well, which makes me distrust anything that Seasonic comes out with now.

I leaning towards getting an evga 1000 p2, so that i can power all risers with 1 pcie to each 2 risers, mobo, ssd and gpus and with the 1600 and the remaining 3 gpus with the 1000. My only question is if the 1000 has 2 spare pcie cables to power the other 4 risers (have 1 spare from the 1600) apart from the 6 ill be using ti power the gpus (it has 6 vga ports) anyone knows?

Edit: bad maths, if im moving one gpu to the new psu i have 2 extra pcies to power the remaining risers!

I use EVGA 1200 P2s. They have 2 8+6 pin and 4 additional 8-pin VGA cables. You can run 4x 1080ti per PSU. Two cables to power two of the cards. If you insist on having 1 cable per card you can order more from EVGA directly if they will let you (I think they are around $6/each before shipping).

Im not understanding, so 2 of the gpus are only powered by 14 pins rather than 16?