PSU for 4x 1080 Ti's

Hi, so I just ordered everything for my rig excluding the PSU. The one I was looking at was the EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 1600W Negro - but is it a good deal at 400 euros? It is the only one I can find on Amazon in Europe for 1600w and a decent rating. The other SuperNova’s all have two month lead times.

At this stage I just need to power a system with four 1080 Ti’s, with a view that I will be adding another four GPU’s in the near future and will add a second supply then.

Is there any cheaper good quality option for my initial power requirements?

You could do dual 1000w or dual 1200w psu and link them

I run 8x 1080Ti with two EVGA G2 PSUs (1300W + 1000W). Four GPUs per PSU, and the rest of the system on the biggest.

Beware the number of outputs on the PSUs, though. Some 1080Ti cards need 8+8 pin connectors, and some need only 6+8 pin. In addition you have to power the riser. Different PSUs have different number of connectors, and you need to make sure you have enough for your setup.

250w per card so I would get an EVGA 1300 G2

don’t waste your money unless your using 110v
I run all my 1080TI’s on 220v power supplies. Get the JLN-1800
I use these to power 6 of the 1080 TI cards and mobo on the 6 x coloful btc h81 motherboards works like a charm ultra stable and the giant ass commercial ball bearing fans are sweet. Been running for 6 months only time I crashed was when the power shut off last month otherwise flawless operation. The JLN are about 100 bucks shipped I recommend buying a case to save money I use PCIE splitters to get all the connectors i need but it does come with 12 x 6+2 pin connectors
Run on 220v much more power and cooler power supply temps. The first month I got them i put up a test rig in my garage with 1080TI blowers in vegas in 116 degree heat outside no air conditioning just a cheap swamp cooler keeping the garage at about 98 degrees and it ran without a single crash cards were 81c and power supply exhaust air was about 52c

then you must be underclocking the power on that unit.
btw best practice is for the rise to be powered from same psu that is powering the gpu

Could you provide a link?

Sems like a cheap ass Supply…

Wouldnt recommed to use it.

4 1080tis are about 1000w so you good to go with these supplys:

Yes, underclocked the cards slightly. They all draw around 225W each, getting around 700-725sol/s.

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I run 3x EVGA 1200 P2s, 4x 1080ti per PSU on each 12x system. You’ll want to make sure you have 30A/120V breakers if you go this route. If you can run on 220v that will be more efficient.

I think you can power these more cheaply with a server PSU with breakout boards.

Don’t use the HX series or Prime.

First the Prime cables aren’t rated for 1080 ti power draw. Even thought they fit, the instructions literally say that you need two cables per card. Horrible idea getting those PSUs. Don’t get anything except for EVGA if you’re going for a consumer grade PSU.

I personally use them in my 270 x 1080TI farm they work fine. I have had them running since august bulk alibaba buy was about 80 bucks each

In the end I got two Corsair CS Series Modular CS850M Gold rated, price and availability was the best option and they were already delivered, hope they do a good job.

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I went with two Corsair Platinum HX850i for 6x1080ti. Everything is back ordered and sold out so Im hoping they will be good enough

If you’re running at full speed be careful that your cables are rated for 250w. They will work, but after a few months heat could slowly build up and then you have a fire potential. The Prime and Snow Silent PSUs had cable issues as of 6 months ago.