GTX 1080: What's the best way to mine ZCASH with it?

I’m currently getting up to 180 Sols/s with eqm v1.0.2a nicehash
Was getting up to 45 H/s (or 26 Sols/s) with nheqminer v0.4b suprnova
Is there any other way to mine or improve these results?

Try with this version of SA5 optimized for CUDA
+40% with GTX 750 Ti
SA5 = 25.6 sol/s
SA5 nvmod = 36.1 sol/s

There’s no Windows version of this?

At given moment nicehash eqm_v1.0.2b miner does 160 sols w/o any OC on 1080.
unfortunately due being locked inhouse miner NiceHash miner is only useable to mine Zec>BTC (not useable for Zec holding) , and considering what NH contracts paying you will loose more than 1/3 of earnings comparing with what you could gain mining Zec directly, with same hashrate on normal pools. And 1080 isnt best nvidia card for mining due gddr5x usage , 1070 with same miner gives ~215 sols , so that the best you can get now.