Is a Gtx 1080 and 8gb ram good enough to mine?

hey, i would like to know if it is possible and how much Zcash would I be earning… im new to zcash
thanks in advance

I think it will. I use a 1070 and get a hashrate +/- 45 with a Intel 4770

I get about 26 sols/s with my GTX 1080. I’m mining with Nicehash so it’s currently mining lyra2rev2 because that’s more profitable at the moment. It goes back and forth between equihash and lyra2rev2 though.

@nu1mlock why are you getting 26 sols, where my EVGA GTX 1070 SC not overclocked gets 42 ~ 44 sols with nheqminer 0.3a ?

Same hardware on one of my machines, I get +/- 48 with mild overclock

@nu1mlock Is that with zero CPU threads?

Yes, that’s only the GPU. I get about 26 sols/s extra with my i5-6600k.

GPU only: 30 sol/s is the max i’ve seen

With CPU threads you can get more.

Me? 29 on my 1070 w/ the remaining 6 threads on my cpu gets me a total of 47 Sol/s

No its absolute shit. You should sell it and buy Zcash from that money. That’s the only way you are going to earn any zcash.
Here ill buy it from you. Ill give you $200 and a potato. You can make vodka and fries from the potato so there’s that.

I did not buy my gpu only for mine i use it also.

My GTX 1080 is at 480Sol/s with EWBF miner