What is the unit of ZCash?

1 unit of Bitcoin is a bitcoin. But what is one unit of Zcash? Is it “a zcash”? “A Zcash coin”? Those are kind of awkward and weird.

Is it a “note”? Probably not, because the protocol specification (zips/protocol.pdf at main · zcash/zips · GitHub) uses the name “note” to specifically refer to Zcash that is in an anonymized form.

Is there an official answer to this question? Or, what are people using?

Best to my knowledge, the value has not yet been determined and that we will not know until or around Sept. 5 when mainnet will be deployed.

I think it’s one ZEC (pronounced “zeek”).

@str4d says that he calls it a “zek” (it rhymes with “heck”).

The smallest unit of ZEC has been called a “zatoshi” obviously a play on the “satoshi” of bitcoin.


Awesome. Also, I love ‘zatoshi’.

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hrhr, a zatoshi is better than “note” :slight_smile:

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