Name the smallet unit of Zcash

I like ‘zooko’. I understand others call it ‘zatoshi’. What would you call 0.00000001 ZEC?

Edit: we’re getting a lot of entries, so everyone heart your favorite nicknames below, and we’ll get the most hearted entries into a poll next week (Nov.6ish).

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I kinda like the sound of zatoshi as well. :wink: Maybe zootoshi?

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Not bad though, the sounds zoot and toshi do seem to go together, for good or ill. And there’s a common diminutive trend that fits with naming something small.

Zit - one Zcash bit.


a zook - one Zcash bit


How about… one Zip or one Zilch?

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one tromp or one xenoncat

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I like the journey you took, but I am not fond of that destination. :wink:

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Zatoshi makes the most sense.

Zcash should differentiate itself vs being a copycat.



.01ZEC = 1 million zcoins…

The name should be Omegas
Z is the last alphabet symbol in English
Omega is the last alphabet symbol in Greek
Ω is the symbol
It can also be written Ωmega

Just a thought…

How about a snark?
Since that’s the defining thing about zcash.


I’m afraid zcoin is already a thing…

Like your thinking. SNARK is an acronym for Succinct Non-interactive ARgument of Knowledge, but it could be a SNAK too, and I think SNAKs would be a delicious little name for a handy little unit of ZECs. Or even ZNAKs to cram the zero knowledge part in and put the Z identifier front and center.

But this is a larger thing…


I also like z’s.

zit is nice !


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Zashes maybe or something similar

1 Zergling

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I think there may be some trademark issues with that one :grinning: