Poll: Smallest Unit of Zcash

  • Snark
  • Zook
  • Zit
  • Zinc
  • Zatoshi
  • Zootoshi
  • Zooko
  • Zip
  • Zilch
  • Xenoncat
  • Tromp
  • Zergling
  • Zeroes
  • Zuark
  • Z (U.K. pronunciation Zed or Zet)
  • Zen
  • Zog
  • Z (U.S. pronunciation Zee)
  • Zash
  • Zatoichi

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After a week-long call for entries, the poll is here. Make your mark on Zcash by voting for your favorite name for the smallest unit of Zcash (.00000001 ZEC).

I voted Zootoshi as the name kinda grew on me the more I thought about it. We can call it Zoot for short. :slight_smile:


also for short, Zoshi (which sounds Nintendo-y) Zooshi (which sounds yummi) or toshi (which can sound like something to sit on and something that might 'zoot'). It's a very rich name.

I haven't decided yet. I also like zook, zinc and snark, and others too.

I'm down to zootoshi, zook or zen.

I hope bumping is okay here.

zookoshi or zkoshi are both worthy contenders :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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I like 'Zed', the British pronunciation of 'Z'. The letter 'D' is also right after 'C', as in ZEC.

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Tromp, because he will defeat Hillary tomorrow. Mark my words.

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Sometimes hard to tell when people are kidding on the internet, but Tromp is a developer working on CPU mining. Not sure the names of everyone he's competing against for bounties, but I don't recall a Hillary among them :wink:

Zergling please :sweat_smile:

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Yes and he's also running for president. Haven't you seen all the billboards and TV ads?

Personally I would rather have a miner dev as president than anybody else, wouldn't you?


zookoshi was in the original nomination thread, but got no hearts. The 20 poll option limit required cutting it. zkosi is new and I like it. Reminds me of a skosh, appropriately meaning: a small amount of something.

It is official:




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I finally went with Zootoshi as a more whimsical alternative to the overly derivative Zatoshi. I prefer Zen or Zook, but such is life. The Zoot short form is nice.

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shame. just looked up skosh. maybe switch out the s for a z and just go with zkosh?

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I like 'zed' - as in the two different pronunciations.

Can it be added to the list? :innocent:

@anon, I'm not sure whether I can edit the poll, and if I do, whether it might wipe out any current votes or not. I may dig into that.

@BetaChap do you mean you want a specific entry just for Zed, rather than one that mentions both Zed and Zet? If so, not sure, for reason stated above.

ZCash (zee) 1.0
ZED (zed) 0.00001000 or 1000 Zed


possibly wait and run another pol in next 30 days to see if minds change/others contribute their suggestions to this thread?

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That sounds smart. There might be a greater percentage of people who are particularly fond of Zcash for more than just short term gain then too. They're more likely to pick a name that sticks.

Obviously the poll has only persuasive influence to begin with as a way of letting everyone know what name everyone else likes. A name won't take until people start using it in conversation. That could take some time and it may not even be a poll winner that gets used.