Hashrate Profit?


Hey Guys,

Anyone Knows which minium hashrate is profitable to start mining ?


there is not an answer, hash rate depends on how large the ZCash network is as does profit


Thanks. That is sick. Its also like to play Lotto.


Yes. and profit often reaches electric costs after a while, so start is sometimes best


Thanks for your help. The only way for me is cloud mining. But i dont Know, which hashrate is good to start. or wait this hype is ended, and buying directly?

Sorry for my bad english :smiley:


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There is a slow mining start, which is basically a linear ramp up for the block reward. It will take 34 days before a block reward is it's full amount. Also remember that founder's get 20% of all block rewards for the first 4 years (first halving in 2020). If you're doing cloud mining your best bet is to guess, just make sure you're getting the best price for your hardware!


@abromide has right here.. better grab a couple of GPUs and mine with your own gear.