Questions from a newbie

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to the concept of mining, and was wondering if it is worth it to mine on my laptop.
I am currently using an Intel HD 4400, and the hash-rate I get on BitMinter is about 12.8 MH/s


Is this hash-rate the same for Zcash too? If so, I should be making a few thousand dollars a day if I decide to start mining. But this seems to good to be true. Can someone clarify?


you will be making less then a dollar a day.

actually you will be losing money due to the electricity costs.

how did you get the idea of “thousand dollars a day” ?

I believe they were/are under the impression that they would get the 12.8 MH/s for ZEC as well.

With today’s difficulty for Zcash, the hashrate your laptop would produce (I’m guessing around 25h/s) would actually net you a loss due to energy costs.

With that said, look into a zcash miner and run a test to see what hashrate you actually have. From there, head to one or multiple of the calculators and get a rough estimate of what you would be achieving.

I hope you understand that this is miner for Bitcoin and it would never achieve anything on a laptop.
Those days were gone 5-6 yeas ago.

For Zcash you need a decent and dedicated Video Card and I would not mine on a Laptop unless you want to change the laptop very fast from overheating.